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Custom Manufacturing Services

Custom Manufacturing Services

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Why juggle multiple vendors when you can hire one experienced company to build, assemble, and ship the parts your business needs?

We’ve spent the last 70 years constantly innovating and expanding our capabilities. Now, with two full size warehouse facilities and the most advanced technologies, we offer a full range of custom manufacturing services to create just about anything a company needs to be successful.


The highest quality machined parts start with good programming. Tripp has exceptional programmers and journeyman machinists that obsess over the details of your part. With 7 CNC mills and a CNC lathe, we can machine your part out of just about any material specified, including aluminum, stainless steel, or an incredibly wide variety of plastics available. Whatever the material, whatever the process, your parts will be made to the most exacting standards and tolerances. Customers in the aerospace, medical, and other major industries continue to speak volumes about the work coming out of our machine shop.


Thermoforming is more art than science. With over 100 years combined experience, our thermoformers know what it takes to produce a great part. With 6 shuttle stations and 1 rotary machine, we can handle parts up to 60” X 96”. No quantity is out of the question. If you need a single part made, we got you. If you need thousands of parts made, we’re in. Not quite sure what you need to get the best part for your project? Not a problem. With our experience we can help you with the best part design, material selection, and thermoforming technique to make the part you want.

CNC/Laser Trimming

Utilizing both 3-, 5-, and 6-axis CNC trimmers, we are able to trim your part to whatever configuration is needed. Our operators will continually check the specifications and tolerances of your part during the trimming cycle. With our wide array of trimming options available, almost any trim feature needed can be done in one easy operation, including kerfing, routing, drilling and tapping, deburring, and applying any part labels needed.


Cutting is an often overlooked operation because it seems so simple, but missing a preferred cut size by even a small amount can ruin a part and slow down a job. That won’t happen at Tripp with our CNC-controlled, horizontal panel saw. Any desired size can be programmed into the saw with guaranteed accuracy to a fraction of an inch. Whether you need a single piece of acrylic cut while you wait or have thousands of pieces that need to be cut to your precise measurements, Tripp is more than able to handle your cut plastic needs.

Injection Molding

Tripp now offers injection molding up to 80 tons and a 3.2 oz max volume fill. With 6 molding machines and dedicated warehouse space, we can do prototype, bridge, or production quantity jobs with low lead times in a variety of materials and colors.


Tripp has been assembling simple and complex products for its customers practically from the beginning in 1950. Our current Assembly department produces a wide array of electro-mechanical assemblies requiring thermoformed housings, sheet metal supports and brackets, harnessing, PC boards, lighting, and graphics. Our electro-static protocols, stringent assembly requirements, post assembly testing and documentation, and packaging designed to survive the real world mean that your assemblies will arrive ready for market.


Plastics fabrication is what started and built Tripp. With over 70 years’ experience in all aspects of plastic fabrication, we handle the most complex jobs with ease. From simple heatbent sign displays or picture frames, to museum quality multi-part bonded products for industrial or commercial applications, Tripp is unbeaten in our knowledge of what materials to use and how to provide our customers with the absolute highest quality plastic parts.

Sheet Metal

Tripp has made an enormous investment in Precision Sheet Metal equipment and personnel. With the ability to make complex sheet metal in house, our lead times and costs have dropped dramatically. If you have a precision sheet metal part that requires multiple welded pieces, hardware installed, and cosmetic stainless steel material, Tripp can provide you with the best parts in the business.

Quality Assurance

Our QA requirements for all of our departments usually exceed customer requirements. From our Operator Inspection Checklists on all parts to QA-documented First Article Inspections, your parts will be checked for accuracy multiple times during the manufacturing process. With ISO 9001:2015 Certification AGS-USO10915-1/3, Tripp will provide any QA documents you may require.


We ship worldwide to any destination you may need. If you have multiple locations with varying quantities or you need different shipping methods for your product, we will take care of everything so you don’t have to.

Tripp has an extensive warehouse space that can keep your product on hand and ready for immediate distribution. We are also a distributor for plastic sheets, rods, tube etc and many other products


Design & Engineering

Tripp Enterprises offers complete turn-key Mechanical & Electronic Engineering & Design Services, or we can provide support with your design to aid in producing a high quality and cost-effective design ready for prototyping or production needs. We use the latest in Computer Aided Design and Drafting technology. Solidworks is our mainstay, but we are also able to work with a wide range of CAD conversion formats. We track all progress, changes, documentation and status of all projects through development, prototype and production. Tripp Enterprises is committed to our customer’s needs from the beginning to the end of a project, whether we are working on simple problem solving or turn-key product development. With 65 years in business, Tripp Enterprises has earned a solid reputation for creative problem solving, as well as complete confidentiality with regard to our customer’s proprietary information.

3D Printing

3D printing is your solution to cost effective prototyping and design changes to bring your ideas to reality with early stage models for marketing photos, focus groups, trade shows, and investment models.

Our capabilities include:Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)/Fused Filament Modeling (FFM) utilizes any available filament in a variety of colors and extruded material in layers. With our Stereo Lithography 3D Printer (SSL), we can create accurate and detailed models using .stl files or SoldWorks and a laser to print using liquid resin.



With our tooling capabilities, Tripp Enterprises can ensure time to market commitments. Tooling requires a craftsman’s skill, done by someone capable of creative thinking and the unique ability to “make it happen”. From prototype to economical multi-part tooling, Tripp Enterprises will recommend the best solutions for your project. We create tooling from a variety of materials based upon your requirements and budget. These include high density foam, and aluminum. We can accommodate any production need such as split tooling, zero draft walls, precision machined tooling, molded logos, and deep draw tooling.

Die Cutting

Die cutting can offer a cost saving solution for a project with high volume, thin film blanks.

Cutting & Laser

With five laser cutting systems ranging from 60 to 4000 watts, two CNC panel saws and multiple other cutting systems, we can produce cut parts with high precision and consistency. The laser systems take direct input from our programmers to produce flat parts with great complexity. the laser does not stress or distort materials allowing them to maintain their strength and durability.

Sharp corners and micro details are evidence of the accuracy of the laser systems. the 1000 in/min travel speed allows for fast production times and low labor costs.


Tripp Enterprises can apply simple graphic solutions to maximize the effectiveness of your signage program.

Complete ADA interior sign packages including modular, architectural and UV printed signs can be produced to match your corporate design or individual image.

Name badges can be produced in many different shapes, colors and sizes to meet your requirements. Our state-of-the-art printers and laser engravers can produce multi-colored name badges which incorporate logos, photographs, signatures or bar coding, and can also produce employee recognition plaques and awards.

Large interior/exterior sign faces, banners, magnetic signs and window graphics are delivered with creativity and the latest technology.

Product Development

Our customers recognize the value of technology and product development. Tripp Enterprises has dedicated 15,000 square feet of space to the Product Development department. With dedicated equipment and staff, it is completely independent of our production facility. This independence allows them to evaluate and expose critical design issues early in the prototyping process. We have Project Managers on staff who provide leadership, planning, collaboration and communications. This results in the capability to conform to the delivery needs of our clients. We offer quick turn prototyping utilizing many methods and materials. Let us provide you with hi-octane fuel in today’s race for success.

"As a vendor working with the team at Tripp Enterprises for over 10 years, I‘m proud to write what a pleasure they are to work with. We attribute our growth and success to the valued relationship and collaboration with all levels of employees and management that make their expectations easy to execute."

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