Tripp’s custom-made face shields allow dentists to work safely while still wearing their typical equipment.

It’s not enough to say that Tripp Enterprises is a plastic and metal manufacturing company. Our real specialty lies in custom manufacturing – designing new products or innovating existing ones to solve roadblocks for businesses. The same sort of roadblocks that our friends at Tripp, DDS experienced.

In their efforts to continue offering quality dental care while keeping their patients and staff safe, Tripp DDS, like most businesses during the pandemic, ran into an issue. The typical face shield design was not compatible with dental loupes and lights, those miniature magnifying glasses dentists wear to get a better look at your teeth.

 As a specialist in custom product manufacturing, Tripp Enterprises has all the resources necessary for a real-world problem like this. We’re specially equipped with the staff and machinery to take products from conception to prototyping and production.

And in these cases, our greatest strength is the speed at which we do it. Every day without a custom solution was a day that Tripp, DDS can’t serve their patients safely.

Tripp Enterprises designed and produced a proprietary dental face shield that allows dentists to operate safely while still wearing their dental loupes. Tripp designed an extra thick foam padding that allows extra clearance room and comfort during long appointments.

 From conception to production, the entire process only took a few short weeks until they were in the hands of the friendly specialists at Tripp, DDS.

Our new dental face shields, along with our full line of TrippProTEC products, is available on our online store.



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