Always Creating. Always Innovating.

We’ve been providing the world’s leading companies with custom-manufactured solutions since 1950. What can over 70 years of experience do for you? 

Our Mission

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities.

With a modern approach, state-of-the-art equipment, and a skilled team of professionals, we craft innovative designs and products that help our clients build a better tomorrow. 

Our 70 years of experience in plastics and metal manufacturing provides the world’s leading companies with a complete contract manufacturing experience and faster lead times. 

Custom Product Manufacturing

We're Your Single Source Solution

We offer a full range of manufacturing, assembly, and logistic services to be your single source for the product you need. One name, one solution, over 70 years of experience. 




Laser Cutting

From Prototype to Production

Tailored Innovation Every Step of the Way

Taking a product to market is a long, windy road. At Tripp Enterprises, it’s more like a highway. We’ve streamlined the product development process by putting all of the right people and pieces in one place. We offer services at every step of the product process, including design, engineering, production, prototyping, value-added assembly, and even shipping.

Any Company, Any Industry, Any Project

Industry-Leading Services with Family-Owned Sensibilities


The Industry's Leading Technology


Over 200,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space


Custom solutions for aerospace, healthcare, and more.

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What Can 70 Years of Innovation Do For You?

There’s no product we can’t build, no problem we can’t solve, when we come together towards a common goal.

70 Years of Tripp Enterprises

Our story started with the dreams of one man, and we’ve kept it in the family ever since.